Sunday, September 10, 2017

Community Yard Sale

As the summer winds down - and cools down, too - activity at Ned Wolf Park is heating up.

Next Saturday, Sept. 16th, 
we will be hosting our first
Community Yard Sale
8:30 am to 2 pm

although the changes are subtle, we have been 
upgrading some plantings in the gardens.
Most noticeable perhaps is the new rock garden at the corner of McCallum and W. Ellet Streets.
Initated by a neighbor to honor his late wife
(more on this when it is dedicated later)
we have taken a fresh look at this prominent corner to provide a more intimate collection of small scale plants along with bold schist boulders which tie to the stonework we have added to the park in recent years.
The project is only about 50% completed and lots more plants and gravel will be added this fall. Photos to follow.
We sincerely hope the frequent dog walkers will respect our efforts by keeping their pets from "watering" these plants which will surely be killed by a streaming parade of peeing pooches.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Surprising Summer

So far, the summer has brought us regular rain and few heat waves.  So the gardens at Ned Wolf Park are showing off, despite having few annuals to supply vivid all season bloom. Last year, in late summer we added two perennials to our sunny island planting bed. A purple coneflower variety called 'Pica Bella' (far right) and blue globe thistle (center). This season, we are seeing how well these plants have complimented all the other plantings. Those include a shrub rose 'Peach drift' and dwarf butterfly bush 'Blue Chip' (far left). The dusky pink backdrop is provided by a short Joe Pye Weed cultivar called 'Baby Joe.' 
These should provide color few more weeks in August so please drop by.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Potluck in the Park

It took far too long for the Friends of Ned Wolf Park to host its first potluck dinner party in the park.
Initially hatched in the aftermath of our May 6th Plant Sale, we wanted to take time to celebrate our successes in the handsome space we have been nuturing for ten years.
Sedgwick neighbor Marcia lent us a canopy, Weavers Way provided folding tables, park neighbors offered us electricity and water access. The park gave us flowers!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Most asked about plant?

Hands down, it's Allium Ambassador!
These late-spring blooming purple orbs demand attention and folks wonder aloud,
 "What are THOSE?"
Purchased from the Van Engelen bulb catalog in 2013, we planted just 10 and they have been multiplying without diminishing in size, nearly 7" in diameter and about 54" tall.

Memorial Maple

 We have just planted a specimen Japanese Maple
[Acer palmatum 'Pung kil']
which was funded in memory of
Sarah O'Doherty
who lived across McCallum street
before her passing in 2016.

The deep burgundy leaves and purple stems offer a dramatic contrast to the corrugated foliage of Hosta 'Deep Blue Sea.' And in the fall, the delicate Maple leaves should turn a vivid eye-catching red!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bloom du jour

The hot pink flowers located at bottom right in this photo are Bletilla striata. It's an uncommon but locally hardy plant sometimes called Chinese Ground Orchid. Its most notable feature is the elegant little orchid flowers that bloom from May into June. This woodland edge plant (part sun/part shade) also has elegant wide foliage blades which are attractive through the growing season and take on a golden color in the fall.  Here, we have paired this plant with the large umbrella-like leaves of local native May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum).

Monday, May 22, 2017


A book reading on Kids Literacy Day drew a healthy crowd along with celebrity guests, Frog and Toad to our very own neighborhood park!

A comfortably cool May 20th saw a day of fun with a parade from co-sponsor Big Blue Marble Bookstore to Ned Wolf Park.  After a reading and some tasty snacks, there were more readings by a group of children's book authors back at the store.

Thanks also to Mt. Airy USA which is actively trying to raise awareness of our community's Little Free Libraries and sposor book drives to support them.