Monday, April 23, 2018


Earth Day, April 22, 2018, was a perfect time to do some digging to help educate gardening beginners by unearthing some plants and rinsing off the soil.  Eric Sternfels led a Weavers Way sponsored Workshop - free to members - to shed some light on the practice of dividing perennial plants.
Eric contends that it's less unnerving to slice through a seemingly healthy plant when you understand the underground structures which deliver water and nutrients.  In early Spring,  most divisions not only survive, but they thrive.

Sunday, April 1, 2018


On the very last day of March, a chilly morning brought nine intrepid volunteers to NWP to spread 12 cubic yards of mulch onto the garden beds. Besides offering a warm blanket to cover the soil, this layer will hopefully inhibit some weeds, hold some moisture, and ultimately break down into nutrient rich compost for the plants.

 Delivered and dumped into two mulch mountains, the team - armed with wheel barrows, rakes, and an indominable spirit -  got to work!  They toiled under the sun, listening to alternately soothing and invigorating music, until the mountains were moved and the sidewalks reappeared. 
Several of the crew celebrated their accomplishment with eggs and milkshakes at the Trolley Car Diner.

KUDOS to Candido, to Susie, to Angus, to Syd, to Steve, to Mark, to Kate, to Eric & to Janet.