Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Shed Construction Project

As promised, here are some pix from the big NWP construction project!
This is what the shed looked like when it arrived in the morning. It was just a pile of cedar planks on a giant truck.

Turned out that those planks were actually pre-assembled walls and a platform. We had already prepared the site by leveling the ground, outlining the shed base with some repurposed timbers, and pouring a pea gravel base inside the timbers. Hopefully, this will keep the shed nice and dry during the summer monsoons we've been having for the past couple of years.

Aren't these guys good? They had the shell of the shed erected in no time flat.

At this point, the shed looked like a giant wooden box with no lid.

Then, it started to get even more exciting. Time for the roof!

This nail gun looks helpful. Maybe NWP should add "nail gun" to its wishlist of garden tools?

Up on the roof:

Since we couldn't help with the roofing, some of the Friends of Ned Wolf Park worked hard on weeding and clearing the beds for wintertime.

It was a beautiful, crisp Fall day. Even the fallen branches looked lovely.

Other Friends of Ned Wolf Park took the opportunity to catch up on the latest neighborhood news. This is how it goes in the garden: some work hard, some hardly work. :)

Roof shingles meant that the shed was nearly finished:

Wow! Isn't it a beauty?

We couldn't wait to go inside and check out the new space.

We couldn't resist the urge to pose:

Our hoses finally have a place to stay out of the elements during the winter. Thank you, all who contributed to this exciting project!

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