Monday, April 28, 2014


On Friday, April 25th, our terrace wall was completed at Ned Wolf Park!  The community reaction has been an enthusiastic embrace of these changes.  Folks have been impressed by the hard work they witnessed as Morning Dew Stonework & Landscaping shaped each stone for a tight fit into this dry laid wall.  And the reclaimed bluestone seating cap has gotten raves both for it's monumental presence and sense of permanence, as well as it's "been here all along" vibe.  Several neighbors are quite sure the central terrace area is bigger now, despite the fact that technically we trimmed a few square feet of paving to ensure the tree roots were undisturbed.

Clockwise from upper left:
A.  The entrance to the park from McCallum Street has been enhance by the new stone wall that replaces severely tipping landscape ties.
B.  Brick pavers were redesigned in a new pattern to incorporate both donor bricks, as well as a "frame" of bluestone which was trimmed from the thick seating cap stones.
C.  Another piece of trimmed bluestone was incorporated to create a subtle triangular step for those who maintain the garden bed behind the wall.  Already, it's been embraced as a "child's chair".....a special place for toddlers to sit.
D.  Work was finishing up just as the weather finally warmed enough to create a burst of lush growing perennials:  variegated lily-of-the-valley, grape hyacinth, golden creeping jenny, & brunnera.

As soon as the orange construction fences came down, our neighbors rushed in to check out the changes to Ned Wolf Park.  And the very next day, the first small group took advantage of the new seating surround... a gardening class sponsored by the Mt. Airy Learning Tree.   Folks have begun checking out the donor bricks that were installed in square units of twelve bricks amid the older, reclaimed bricks that help create the new design.   We hope more members of the community will be inspired to contribute to Ned Wolf Park and leave their mark in this special oasis.  The fact is that we haven't fully raised all the funds for this stonework project, and so we hope we can quickly repay a loan which one generous neighbor had offered to allow the completion of the Terrace Wall this spring.  So, if you'd like to contribute by buying your own custom engraved brick, you can find a brochure/order form in the info boxes in the park.  You can also donate via this blogspot website by clicking the Donate button in the right-hand column.

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