Monday, August 25, 2014

Newly Wed @ NWP

Anthony Saint-Preux and Clint'a Johnson     

Ned Wolf Park hosted its first wedding in August as Clint'a and Anthony declared their vows before friends and family in the newly updated central terrace.  [Looks like our new wall served as a perfect perch for a photographer taking intimate images of the nuptuals.

Afterward, the photographers took some pictures of the wedding party including the bride's attendants wearing coral and groomsmen in black suits.  Then on to some special shots of just the newlyweds.  Only difficulty for the beaming bride was walking through the lawn with her ultra-high black stiletto heels as the couple moved from being framed by the shed doors........... the a spot behind the planted island bed where a collection of late summer blooming flowers helped show off the happy couple.   Overcast skies did not dampen the warm spirit of this joyous occasion. We sure hope Clint'a & Anthony will keep visiting & let the beauty of our gardens remind them of this memorable milestone....for them and for Ned Wolf Park.

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