Monday, December 26, 2016

Celebrating 2016

This year was a challenging one for many of us in Mt. Airy, including garden-makers dealing with a season that denied us our typical annual rainfall.  But the gardens at Ned Wolf Park were designed with an eye toward sustainability without intensive pampering. And they have matured so that even a bit of neglect does not take away the Park's aura as a special oasis of beauty and calm in our verdant neighborhood.

We can celebrate in 2016 the completion of a four year effort and capital campaign to replace creosoted timber with natural stone, much of it reclaimed.  
Of course, the work was done incrementally and in such a subtle way that it feels NOT like a transformation.  Instead, the park feels as if it has always been thus - an emblem of our community pride. 


Regan Stephens said...

Hi! I'm writing a story about city parks and trying to connect with someone to ask a quick question about NWP. Can I email you? Or my address is reganfs at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Ceil said...

How can I make a donation?

Eric S. said...

Sorry for the delay in responding. Contact me via email address ericsternfels at icloud dot com